The Wennberg Lab

Laboratory for the Study of Atmospheric Composition

From satellites to aircrafts to instruments in the laboratory, we study the fundamental chemistry, physics, and biology that control the composition of the atmosphere.

Group Members

Learn about the scientists that make up the Wennberg research group!

The Carbon Cycle

Learn about how we infer the global distribution of greenhouse gases.

Tropospheric Chemistry

Learn how we study the transformation of the trace gases in our atmosphere.

Group News

February 2021

December 2020

  • Check out our latest publication in PNAS. Congrats to Krystal Vasquez, John Crounse, Ben Schulze, Lu Xu, and Wennberg Lab alumni, Kelvin Bates and Alex Teng!
  • Congratulations to Krystal Vasquez for her recently published op-ed in Chemistry World

November 2020