The Wennberg Lab

Laboratory for the Study of Atmospheric Composition

From satellites to aircrafts to instruments in the laboratory, we study the fundamental chemistry, physics, and biology that control the composition of the atmosphere.

Group Members

Learn about the scientists that make up the Wennberg research group!

The Carbon Cycle

Learn about how we infer the global distribution of greenhouse gases.

Tropospheric Chemistry

Learn how we study the transformation of the trace gases in our atmosphere.

Group News

September 2020

  • Congratulations to Reina Buenconsejo who made Space & Satellite Professionals International's "20 under 35" list of outstanding young space and satellite professionals under the age of 35!

June 2020

  • The Wennberg group gives a warm welcome to Dien Wu, who will be joining us as a postdoctoral researcher!

April 2020

  • Congratulations to Reina Buenconsejo for passing her candidacy exam!
  • Josh Laughner has been elected as the TCCON Algorithm Deputy. Congratulations Josh!